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Public Speaking

Keynotes and locknote addresses are vital to a conference’s success. The keynote sets the scene for what will follow and how your audience responds to the rest of the event. In the same way, the locknote reinforces the overall conference experience and helps create a lasting iconic memory for all attendees.

My conference addresses talk about what’s changing and where the opportunities for the future lie. My stories are not just the words of other people – they are case studies from two decades of working at the coalface of digital marketing, transformation and disruptive innovation. Each presentation delivers actionable insights and approaches – grounded advice that people can take back to the office and act upon. My aim is to empower and activate.


Some clients I have worked with …


  • IKEA / Space10 Innovation Lab
  • IBM Think Conference (Australia)
  • B2B Marketing Leaders Forum
  • NewsModo Podcast – Importance of brands in social media
  • Marketo Marketing Nation – keynote – skills for digital futures
  • Aquent Talent – digitalks – marketing innovation
  • DiG Festival – innovation in marketing
  • Social Media Week, Sydney – advisory board and panelist
  • RFi Australian Lending Awards judge
  • SuccessConnect – SAP SuccessFactors keynote – social media and talent
  • Connecting Up Social Media Conference Keynote (Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney)
  • RFi Australian Consumer Finance Forum
  • Australian Automobile Association National Forum (Hobart)
  • Australian Chambers Business Conference
  • Digital Pharma Conference
  • Unsecured Lending at the Tipping Point
  • Walkley Public Affairs Conference
  • Social Media and Enterprise 2.0
  • Internet World
  • Australasian Sourcing Summit – over the horizon talent communities and employee sourcing
  • PR 3.0 – PR and Communications
  • SocialMediaPlus – From Space Invaders to Angry Birds – Innovation and SAP’s Premier Customer Network
  • Marketing Week – Digital Strategy that Works
  • Hargraves Institute / MGSM – Open Innovation
  • GE Leadership Summit – social media and innovation
  • MarketingNow! – lead generation, community and social media
  • ADMA – diving into social media
  • AdTech – the relevance of twitter